Child Poverty Task Force delivers final report

At its meeting on Oct 2, 2012, the Community Ministry Development Committee received the final report of the Child Poverty Task Force. The report includes a summary, copied below, as well as a recommendation to form a permanent Working Group. It also includes discussion of activities the Task Force engaged in, membership and resource persons, and a suggested mandate for the new Working Group.

Click here for the report and recommendations.

Child Poverty Task Force Final report to the Community Ministry Development Committee of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa October 2, 2012

We were given a mandate by the Community Ministry Development Committee to:

  • begin the work called for in Bishop John’s charge, laying groundwork for sustained action in response to child poverty; and
  • seek out the best possible Diocesan response to the Bishop’s charge and report back to CMDC with recommendations.

The Task Force has determined that the development of a single centralized ministry in response to child poverty is not an option that is available to the Diocese at this time. Neither has anything come to our attention from within parish or diocesan ministries that would follow in the footsteps of Cornerstone/Le Pilier, Anglican Social Services’ Centre 454, The Well/La Source or the Ottawa Pastoral Centre. Rather, we believe that the best opportunity for effective action at the present moment lies in the development of many contextual responses at the local level. To this end, we have developed a toolkit for parishes and ministries to use so that they can be encouraged to develop their own responses.


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